Our Mind Made Prison – Set Yourself Free

Our Mind Made Prison – Set Yourself Free

Prison is a place where people are locked down for the crimes or due to the brutal actions they did.

We all are locked inside our own insecurities that act as a prison of our abilities. This is our mind made prison. The difference between the real and imaginary lockup is that here no one knows what kind of crime he did. Maybe our crime is that we never want to come out of our comfort zone.

The spirit decreases with the intensity of ignorance. Either when you don’t feel essential to sit and observe your own self or when you don’t consider it as a hurdle towards the success.

One of the grill of imprisonment that confined your personality is anxiety issues.

An anxiety disorder results when the flight or fight response becomes triggered too easily and too frequently.Flight or fight response is the reaction of your body by releasing a hormone adrenaline against some stress or unpredictable situation and danger (real or unreal) that causes us to stay and survive. Anxiety causes increase in our blood pressure, nausea, heart rate increases, nervousness, stress and sleeplessness etc. These symptoms may vary from person to person.

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”

~Walter Anderson

This disorder not only stops you from functioning effectively by giving your cent percent effort and energy in a task but it also squeezes your courage to stand and speak fluently which results in low confidence.

Low self esteem means not having a positive opinion about our own self. Inferiority complex and low self esteem are the synonyms of the same term. Constantly remaining doubtful of your own abilities. Childhood is the base of our building personality.This issue often begins in childhood due to the surrounding environment and people.The person feels incompetent towards the daily challenges. It leads him towards negativity as he is not good enough to deal with them or not ready to handle the consequences.

“You get what you expect and people with very low self-esteem expect very little,”

~Amy Flowers, PhD, a cognitive-behavioral therapist

The two reasons of all these issues are when you are not ready enough to handle criticism and rejection and the other is fear. Fear of being mocked, misunderstood and judged. It constantly pushes down your actual power. It unable you to express your opinion. It makes you to feel like you are living in a constant threat and a never ending burden of failure.

“Fear has a large shadow but he himself is small”

~Ruth Gendler

To come out of this puzzling personality the only thing is to take a step out of your comfort zone (where things look familiar). Life is something out of this circle of ease. All it takes is a few moments of courage to stand and step forward. Things may seem difficult, irritating and may bring discomfort but once you come out of it the magic begins and nothing can stop you.

In a journey of coming out you may get scared, you will loose, you will face criticism, others may degrade you because they have always seen you in a different state and they have fixed a picture of what you’re capable of. But in the end you will learn, you will explore, you will achieve more than before and your comfort zone will expand.Your first step must be to stop procrastinating and do it from now. Never take any baby step for granted. Set yourself free.

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

~Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

Written by: Anam Siddiq

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